Tuesday, July 7, 2009

We are in Vienna!!

We gathered at the airport at 4 am to catch the first leg of our trip to Toronto at 6 am. After a 6 hour layover and a 8 1/2 flight aboard Austrian Airlines we arrived in Vienna after a 23 hour trip at 8:30 am local time. Our tour guides met us, Andreas and Pascal, and took us on a day of touring before we got to our hotel. The Central Cemetery of 3 million graves was our first stop. Our focus were the graves of famous composers---Motzart, Beethoven, Schubert to name a few although some grave stones are just honorific--that is--they simply honor the composer. For lunch we were dropped off for a walk around the older central center where after finding something to eat many of us went into St. Stephen's Cathedral where we had to get shelter from the brief but heavy downpour. The tour then took us around the general layout of Vienna and then a 2:30 we got to our hotel-tired and ready for a rest. Some slept until 6 pm when we went out on the buses again for our authentic Austrian supper at a place which served us schnitzel and music.(The Weinschlossel) Serenaded by a violin, accordian, and a gracious lady we heard german songs and later, along with the choir, a lot of broadway songs, especially from the Sound of Music. We finished late and on the way back to the Hotel Hilton Danube we were treated to a mountan top evening view of the city of Vienna. A great way to end a very, very long day. Our hotel is on the bank of the Danube river. The trip is great so far--ready to start singing tomorrow. Vienna is an old city with a rich history going back to Roman times. It's musical history is what we look forward to being a part of

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