Friday, July 10, 2009

The Morning After - Leaving Vienna

After so many months of anticipation getting up this morning was a big of a downer as we boarded our bus in the rain to go to Graz the next stop on our journey. Fond memories of the night before were shared as we drove through the hills, stopping for coffee, and then at the Schloss Eggenberg a castle filled with beautiful works of art well preserved. The Schloss reflects the desire of it's builders to make sure that everyone knew they had a lot of wealth. The rooms are opulant and the paintings fill every room. This was an extra suggested by our guides and it was a great tour. We are getting to know and appreciate our guides Andreas and Pascal.

Arriving in Graz we were taken on a walking tour of the center of the city seeing some of the very old buildings from Graz's long history. At our hotel we got our rooms and shared supper together. Another addition was a tram trip for most of the choir that ended with a cable car ride up the mountain to the ancient tower the city is known for. It was at sunset with a majestic view of the city and surrounding mountains(with a Jazz performance at a nearby pavilion for musical background) We even gathered in front of the city hall at the fountain and sang our national anthmn. Our stay in Graz is only one night but we have seen enough to know a bit of it's ancent history.

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