Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday - Salt Mines.and Silent Night

Salzburg obviously gets its name from the mineral that made it famous- “salt”. Bus 2 word of the day: Darn - “Verflixt”. . The salt mines were started by the Celts around 2500 years ago and I n the early 1600s provided the wealth to build many of the great buildings in present say Salzburg. Entering the mine on a train we walked, slide down a slide, and road a boat across a salt pond- wearing special coveralls which made us look like a host arrayed in white. We also crossed into Germany and back into \Austria–all underground.
Next for today was to travel to the chapel of Silent Night, where once the church stood where this wonderful Christmas Carol was first sung. IT is pretty special to be able to visit such special places. In the afternoon after a time for shopping(shoes are a big item) we went to Mirabelle Palace (mid 1600's) for a reception by the Mayor. We were able to sing several pieces in the famous and amazingly beautiful marble room. Supper was in a restaurant just below the fortress(our first sourkraut) and then the evening was free --- some went to the Marionette show. Tomorrow morning we leave for Innsbruck and our last concert.

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