Monday, July 13, 2009

Sunday, July 12 - Salzburg

Got to sleep in this morning before we boarded the buses to take us to the Salzburg Don where we sang as part of the morning Mass. Sunday in Salzburg is quiet as the shops(except tourist) area closed. Lots of churches and bells ringing gives it a special air. The Dom zu Salzburg is a large and extremely beautiful cathedral–second, one person said–only to St. Peter’s in Rome. The choir met for a rehearsal in a special modern rehearsal hall with a wonderful piano (Boston). After rehearsal and devotions we lined up and entered the cathedral for one of the morning masses and in that great space sang 4 of our pieces. During Communion we sang: “Lord Jesus of You I will Sing as I journey” while people flowed towards the front of the church. Later in the day we learned, from our guides, that this cathedral, which has 5 pipe organs, has one organ where Mozart played and composed a lot. In such a space to sing God’s praises was an experience we will not soon forget.
After the service, a quick change and then a few hours to wander through the old part of Salzburg. In the afternoon excellent guides took us up to the fortress which overlooks Salzburg and then on a walking tour to the oldest graveyard owned by the Benedictines, the music festival hall, and ended up at the Mozart house. This is an old city by Canadian standards with one building sporting an “Established in 803". After the tour our choir went many different ways for evening events. Some went to concerts, some relaxed, a goodly group took in the Mozart Dinner Concert. In a lavish hall at the 803 A.D. restaurant, we ate a meal that would have been served to the aristocracy at the time of Mozart. In between each course we were entertained with Mozart music performed by a 5 piece string orchestra and two opera singers. A most delightful evening that started at 8 and ended at 11 pm. A quick walk back the hotel and the end to another wonderful day. Streets are very safe to walk on here and the cleanliness of the streets is something we as Canadians really notice. Sundays are great in Salzburg. PS: The organ on the right was played regularly by Mozart.
Andy’s German Word of the Day: “ausgezeichnet” - excellent.

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